India’s first certified fully compostable sanitary napkin

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Anandi, is India’s first Govt. of India Lab certified fully compostable, high quality sanitary napkin available in the low-cost market which provides women and girls in rural villages and urban slums a more environmentally sustainable solution. Currently, the compostable Anandi pads sell for INR 40 for a pack of eight.

Anandi is a registered brand name of Aakar Innovations Pvt Ltd.

The use of sterilized, disposable sanitary napkins, such as Anandi, prevents infections, illnesses, the spread of diseases such as cervical cancer, and labor complications, all of which claim thousands of lives each year.

Components of the compostable anandi pad


Many women are not able to use sanitary napkins due to the high costs of commercial brands. One pack of 8 compostable Anandi pads sells for INR 40 and the profit margin is returned to our women entrepreneur


Due to Aakar's mission to set up production units in rural villages and urban slums, Aakar's dedicated workers and women entrepreneur are able to produce and distribute Anandi pads throughout their own villages and homes breaking the accessibility barrier.

Fully Compostable

The compostable Anandi pad is produced with locally sourced agriwastes. It is fully compostable and aimed at solving rural and urban disposal issues all while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Good For You, Good For The Earth

What does compostable mean?

Anandi pads are compostable due to the fact that they are capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment. This usually occurs within 90-180 days depending on varying environmental factors. Additionally, the materials used to produce our Anandi pad ensure that no toxicity is left in the soil.

Why does it matter?

Throughout India, the most common method of waste disposal for sanitary napkins is incineration. This causes the release of harmful dioxins and methane gas which contribute to environmental damage and unfit living conditions. Compostable sanitary napkins, such as Anandi, provide users with a safe, alternative, and environmentally sustainable method of disposal.

How do you dispose of it?

Anandi pads are one of the safest sanitary pads to dispose of due to their compostable nature. Disposal of the Anandi pad should be done by burying it in a pit and waiting for the compounds to decompost. While there are other methods of disposal available, Aakar recommends composting due to its environmentally sustainable nature