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Aakar is a hybrid social enterprise comprised of Aakar Innovations and Aakar Social Ventures that enables women to produce and distribute affordable, high-quality, fully compostable sanitary napkins within their communities while simultaneously raising awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management.

Aakar’s vision is to create awareness about and access to affordable, high quality, environmental friendly menstrual hygiene products thereby empowering women and girls to make informed choices and enabling them to take charge of their own socio-economic development.

Mission –

Aakar Innovations provides commercially viable solutions for production, distribution, marketing, and sales of affordable and environmentally friendly sanitary pads by local entrepreneurs in areas where these products would otherwise not be available.

Aakar Social Ventures supports awareness raising regarding sanitation and hygiene with a specific focus on menstrual hygiene in order to empower the last mile customers and enable them to make informed choices. Aakar Social Ventures also provides entrepreneurial and business skills training to Village Level Entrepreneurs to enforce and sustain livelihood opportunities.

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